A Quick Guide to Dublin on St.Patick’s Day



When I was abroad, one of the best things I did was go to Dublin, Ireland, on St.Patrick’s Day with my friends. Who wouldn’t want to check spending St.Patrick’s Day in Ireland off their bucket list?

Here is my quick guide of things to do if you want to cross this experience off your bucket list too.

    1.Temple Bar

Shelby, Candy, Rakel, Me and Samantha in Temple Bar
This is an area in Dublin that houses the most lively night life. All the pubs are open and full on St.Patrick’s Day. Here you will meet people from all walks of life, from everywhere in the world.

2.Temple Bar, Temple Bar


Located in Temple Bar, is the famous Temple Bar. If you want to spend the night listening to live music, and being in very close proximity to everyone, this is the place to be. At one point or another, everyone will end up at Temple Bar.

3.Guinness Factory Tour

Unfortunately, this is one thing I didn’t get to do on my trip over to Dublin. However, it came highly recommended. You are able to do a walk-through of the Storehouse, and taste Guinness the way it is supposed to be tasted. At the end of the tour you are at the top of the building enjoying the most incredible views.

4.St.Patrick’s Day Parade


St.Patrick’s Day parades happen everywhere in the world. However, there is nothing quite like the one I experienced in Dublin. The crowds of people and the sea of green was insane. Definitely a must see while you are there.

5.Have a green beer

Green. Beer. Ireland. What more can you ask for? I am not much of a beer drinker, but I tried one anyways. Just another thing to check off the bucket list.

6.Check out the love locks


There are many different walkway bridges over the River Liffey. Here you will find plenty of love locks from travelers. While they aren’t quite as impressive as the ones that were found in Paris, France, these are definitely worth checking out.

7.Trinity College

At Trinity College, one of the oldest schools in Ireland, you will find the Book of Kells. This is an ancient biblical text that brings people around the world to view it.

8.Dublin Castle

I am a sucker for castles. Everywhere I go, I have to try and visit at least one. When I was in Dublin, I of course went to visit the Dublin Castle. This castle is a little bit out of the way, but definitely worth the trek, if you wish you were a princess like I secretly do.

9.Carroll’s Irish Gift Shop


Last, but certainly not least, Carroll’s Irish Gift Shop. While photos and memories are great things to bring back from Dublin, you will definitely want to pick up something that is also tangible. Whether it’s a shot glass, a scarf, or a sticker, you will want to pick something up.


I couldn’t list everything, but I definitely recommend you trying everything on my list and more, even if it’s not for St. Patrick’s Day.

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