Girl’s Gulf Island Getaway – Day Three

The final day of our trip, Sunday:

We all woke up early, to read, study and enjoy the weather out on the deck. Sunday, we had planned, would be a chill day. A day to do absolutely nothing but enjoy each other’s company.

After sitting around and having breakfast, Amy, Sarah and Kat decided to start playing Scrabble. You’d be surprised how competitive this game can get.

Half way through the game I suggested we go out for coffee, and to pick up more freshly made bread to bring back home. At the sounds of coffee, everyone was on board. We quickly got ready and headed out.

After a quick trip out, we made our way back to the cabin where we hid for a while from the rain. The girls continued their Scrabble, while I read, Laura wrote and Cassidy studied.

Photo by Amy

Eventually the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. We wanted to take advantage of the sun and our last day on the island, so we decided to walk to the lighthouse. We filled our coffee cups with anything but coffee, and headed out.

The walk wasn’t long but it was nice to listen to the sounds of birds and car-less roads. When we made it to the lighthouse, Cassidy and I decided to go up above the beach so we could have a better view of the ocean, while the others made their way to some dry rocks.

We sat and talked and watched the seals play in the ocean. As time passed, I couldn’t help but thinking how lucky I was to have this group of women in my life.

We walked back slowly, looking for deer on the way to the cabin, seeing none however. When we reached the cabin we brainstormed what we could do next.

Sarah had never played ‘Kings Cup’ or ‘Ring of Fire’ (same game; different name). I had to drive later that night, so I opted out of the game, but became the referee, making sure everyone was drinking when they were supposed to. Needless to say the game ended in a lot of laughs, and Sarah wanting to play again.

By this time it was getting late so I decided to leave the craziness of round two and started making dinner. I chose to make something super simple, but delicious, chicken pesto pasta with a salad. It was something that Cassidy had never tried before because most pestos are nut based, which she is allergic to.

Photo by Cassidy

Dinner took less than an hour to make. In that time the game in the other room had died down and it was definitely time to eat. Dinner was a huge hit.

The food was gone quickly. After eating it was time to clean up and pack up. With 6 of us, this took no time at all.

We packed up the car and headed to the ferry where we said our goodbyes to Kat. We then boarded our respective ferries and headed back home.

Our weekend was so much fun. I am so happy to call these woman my life long friends and look forward to our next annual J-Girls trip.

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