Girl’s Gulf Island Getaway – Day Two


I woke up at 9am to find Amy, Cassidy and Sarah already awake. They decided to take a walk to the beach while I started a new book and Laura slept. After an hour we all had breakfast and got ourselves ready to meet Kat at the ferry. First we stopped at the little bakery for coffee and bread before meeting Kat.

Kat came over from Vancouver Island. We hadn’t seen her in over a month so after a warm welcome, we went back to the cabin. After settling in we all made sandwiches and packed snacks to go for a hike.


I wore my brand new ‘Strong is the new Skinny’ tank from The Rio Boutique, and my Lululemon leggings and sports bra. To top it off, I threw on my Vancouver Canucks cap to keep the bugs out of my hair while we hiked through the trees.

We hiked up Mount Parke. It took about 30-40 minutes (it took us a bit longer because we took some wrong turns). When we reached the top, the view took all the pain in my legs away. We were extremely lucky and had a stellar day. The sun was hot on our skin as we sat at the top eating our lunch looking out at the view. You could see two other Gulf Islands and the ocean for miles. As we sat, eagles soared overhead, looking for their lunch.

After a quick hike down, we took a quick drive to the Japanese Memorial Gardens to look at the cherry blossoms, Amy’s favourite. We took many photos and had lots of laughs as we walked around.

Photo by Amy

When we arrived back to the cabin we poured some drinks, and walked to the beach, before getting ready for dinner. I was the only one who decided to pack something a bit dressier. It was very unusual. However, we all put on makeup for the first (and only time) over the weekend.


The Springwater Lodge overlooks the ocean. During the Summer, the views are breathtaking. It was a bit cold so we ate inside. I chose my favourite, fish and chips. So did most of my friends. It is honestly the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.

After dinner came my favourite part of the trip, our late night chats in the cabin. We poured some wine and had deep conversations. We talked about insecurities and all pointed out things we loved about one another, things that we didn’t notice ourselves. The night held tears (happy ones) and immense love for each other. Saturday night we bonded like we never have before. If we weren’t life long friends before, we most definitely are now.

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