Girl’s Gulf Island Getaway – Day One

This weekend I took some much needed girl time. My “J-Girls” (we all met when we were completing our Journalism degrees) and I decided to go away to my cabin on Mayne Island for 2 nights, escaping work, boyfriends and reality for a bit.

Photo by Laura Collins


I rushed around all day getting things ready and packed, doing groceries and filling my car with gas.

Around 4pm I met Amy and Cassidy at a skytrain station near my place. We then started our venture into Vancouver to pick up Laura from work. As luck would have it we got stuck on our way for at least 30 minutes due to a structure fire. There must have been a 10 block radius you couldn’t get through.

Amy and I were panicking that we wouldn’t make our ferry. We would scream and make weird noises while Cassidy tried to calm us down. I honestly don’t know how she put up with us.

Eventually we made it to Laura’s work, where we screamed at her to hop in the car while we were stopped at a light.

Next to meet was Sarah. She had been in Tsawwassen for hours waiting for us with her Creative Director, who would also be on the same ferry. We met Sarah just before the ferry gates. Once she hopped in we found our line up and waited to board.


It was an extremely windy night. The ferry from Tsawwassen to Mayne was super rocky. I’m sure it caused a lot of people to become sea sick. However, after a night of obstacles  we finally made it to my cabin.

We were all starving, and ready to make a dent in the wine that we all brought. We threw in some pizzas and poured some wine, and talked the night away in front of the fire.


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