Valentine’s Day at The Keg

I admit it. I am a sucker for one of the biggest marketing holidays of the year – Valentine’s Day. Yes, Chris and I cherish our love for each other every day, but it’s fun to have a day dedicated to spoiling one another.


We celebrated Valentine’s Day a day early this year, to get the most out of the celebration. When I got home from work I was surprised by a bouquet of roses, a bouquet of my favourite flowers (Gerbera Daisies), my favourite chocolate and a Leah Alexandra ring I have wanted forever. When I interviewed Leah ages ago, at The Cross in Yaletown, this gold moonstone ring caught my eye. I have wanted it ever since.


I then quickly got ready to go out for dinner. I wore my velvet, floral v-neck dress from Forever 21, with tights and my quilted boots, because in typical Vancouver fashion, it was pouring rain. To spice up my outfit I added a layered necklace and bracelets from The Rio Boutique, and of course my new Leah Alexandra ring. I didn’t go over the top with my makeup, doing a subtle smokey eye with a pop of pink lipstick from MAC.

Chris and I spent our first Valentine’s Day at The Keg and thought it would be fun to spend our third in the same place. We made it downtown for our reservations at 7:30 to find that the restaurant was packed! We were seated quite quickly, with a large booth all to ourselves. My good friend Amy was working that night and stopped by to say hi, chat and make wine suggestions. Chris and I got a bottle of Painter’s Bridge Zinfandel, which was amazing.

We started our meal off with warm bread and escargot. We then each ordered a steak. Chris got a New York steak, while I got a Teriyaki steak. We both had garlic mashed potatoes with our meals, one of my favorites from The Keg.

When we finished eating our meals, we sipped our wine, deciding on dessert. I ordered a mini brownie and Chris ordered a creme brûlée. Both were delicious.

We enjoyed each other’s company, spending as much time as we could sitting in the dimly lit booth. Our Valentine’s Day was just how I imagined,  with plenty of food and wine.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Valentine’s Day. How did you spend yours?



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