Downtown Disney

We said goodbye to Las Vegas and hello to California. However, that goodbye came with a few speed bumps. First, our flight was delayed an hour. I was thankful we had booked our train from LA to Anaheim 2 hours after our flight landed. However, they then told us our flight would be delayed 2.5 hours. Goodbye train reservation.


When we landed at LAX, we were told we could take the hour bus ride to the Amtrak station for our train, however at this point it was 30 minutes until it was scheduled to leave. We scratched that idea and threw out our reservations. We found a shuttle that took us to the Disney resort hotels. Unfortunately this shuttle didn’t stop at our hotel. The driver was extremely nice and after he made his scheduled stops, took us directly to the Motel 6 where we were staying.

Throughout all of this, Chris and I had made plans with one of my favourite Californians and travel buddy, Melissa and her husband Paul. By the time we arrived at our hotel, Melissa and Paul were already grabbing drinks in Downtown Disney.


We rushed to get ready and walked to meet up with my friends. It had been a year since we’d seen each other. As soon as we were together we picked up right where we left off.

Downtown Disney is a great mixture of shops, restaurants and entertainment. The best part about it is, unlike the Disney parks, it is free to get into. The four of us started off our evening by having dinner and drinks at the House of Blues. I ordered the club house with sweet potato fries. When the meal came it was enough to feed a small army. The portion was huge. Although delicious, I wish I got it to share with someone else because I just couldn’t finish it.

After dinner we made a stop into the Disney store. It is huge. The store is like a mini department store. I did some shopping (of course) before we went next door to Starbucks.

We enjoyed our coffee outside while watching a somewhat limited view of the nightly fireworks.

All in all we had a fantastic night making new memories with old friends.

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