Las Vegas, Nevada (Day One)

Living in Vancouver, Canada, I am exposed to many different opportunities to travel. Being so near to the American border, trips into the states are so easy. On a whim, Chris and I decided to fly to Las Vegas, Nevada for the weekend. I had been once before, however, this was a first time for Chris.

I over pack. Every single time we go away I have over 10 outfits I never end up wearing. This time I tried to travel light and just bring a purse and a carry on. Surprisingly I managed (with four pairs of shoes and 10 outfits) with my small bag. The only thing I worried about was how I was going to bring my shopping home.

We flew out of Vancouver International Airport early Saturday morning. Travelling so often to many different places, flying cheap is always a must. To keep this trip from breaking the bank, we opted for a flight that had a layover in Phoenix, Arizona. While layovers are usually a pain, when you fly in the States, you don’t have to worry about security, only finding your next gate.

Eventually we made it to Vegas. We had pre-booked a shuttle from the airport to our hotel. Staying within budget, we had booked the Rio hotel off of Groupon. Thinking we would have a dingy room, we were pleasantly surprised when we opened our hotel room to find a luxurious king sized suite.

The Rio is fully stocked with plenty to do. Several different types of restaurants, an enormous casino, shops, 6 different pools, ziplining and a rooftop night club overlooking the strip. Since it was still early in the day, we decided to hang out at the hotel and sit by the pool. We stayed for a while, sampling the different types of concoctions the bar could come up with.

After a few hours we made our way up to our room to get ready for dinner. I threw myself together in my little black dress and my New Look heels.


We couldn’t decide what we wanted to have for dinner until we noticed one of our favourite meals from home – Pho. We treated ourselves to this before going for drinks at the bar.


A few drinks in we decided we didn’t want to leave the hotel at all. We made our way to the Voodoo Night Club, located on the 51st floor of our hotel. Since it’s Vegas, cover for women is cheaper than it is for men. Regardless, we spent $50 USD to get into the club. Despite being pricey, it was incredibly worth it for the view alone.


We finished our first night in Vegas over looking the Strip, listening to music from the ’90s and ’00s. If you are ever in Vegas, whether you stay at the RIO or not, I highly recommend checking out this club.

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