Las Vegas, Nevada (Day Two)

We woke up the morning after our first day feeling a little bit rough. Having a Starbucks right by our room was a great pick me up to face the day. After refueling with coffee and breakfast sandwiches, we made our way to the free shuttle, provided by our hotel, to the Strip.

Our shuttle dropped us off at the Paris hotel. Inside is incredible. You feel like you are actually in Paris. We walked through the hotel and shops before making our way to the strip.

It was nearly 40°C out. We walked down the strip, ducking into hotels and casinos so that we wouldn’t melt in the sun. We ended up at Caesar’s Palace, and the Forum Shops in the hotel. I did some shopping at H&M and little souvenir shops before we decided to continue on.

After my mini shopping spree, we made our way back out in the heat and decided it was time for the pool. We headed back to our hotel to spend the rest of the afternoon by hour pool.

It was our last night in Las Vegas, so we decided to take it a little bit easy. We had bought tickets to Love at the Mirage. This is a Cirque Du Soleil show based on music by The Beatles (do we ever do anything that doesn’t involve The Beatles?). After the pool we headed up to our room to get ready to go out to the strip again. I decided to wear my black beaded dress from Topshop. I added my red Nars lipstick for a little bit of punch.

We got the shuttle again and went straight to the Mirage. We walked around the Revolution bar in the hotel and played some slots. After a little bit of gambling we went to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner before the show. I had a wonderful garlic pasta, and Chris got the pizza with everything on it.

When it was time for the show we made our way to our seats to find out where we were meant to be sitting was closed. The hostess let us know that we would be upgraded to the front section, four rows away from the stage. The seats were incredible. We ended up paying a total of $270 CAD for seats that were $350 CAD and up. Happy early birthday to me!

Wow. That is all I could say when the show ended. It made me speechless. I had never seen a Cirque Du Soleil show before, and I am so glad that this was the first one I was able to see.

Still in awe, we made our to the Bellagio to watch the fountain show. We had watched it earlier in the day, however, I recommend watching it at night. The lights add a little something that makes the water dancing to music look like something from a dream.


If you only have a weekend in Vegas, I highly suggest taking the time to go see a Cirque Du Soleil show. There are so many to choose from that any show will be great.

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