Tillamook, Florence Oregon 

We woke up on our second day to a drenched tent. The rain was so bad, the chairs we left outside were soaked through and through. Needing to get on the road again, we had to pack up our soaking gear and stick it in the trunk of my car. Once everything was away, we set off for the day.


I decided to wear my dark blue skinny jeans from Primark, with my blue tank top from Forever 21. To finish off my outfit I added a green jacket from Nordstrom and my Steve Madden combat boots.

Our first stop was the Tillamook cheese factory (after getting a big breakfast at Denny’s). Here we walked around the huge factory where you could watch the workers process and pack the cheese, buy some ice cream and have samples of different aged cheese. After a quick tour we were on our way again, taking a long, scenic drive to Florence.

On the way to our campsite in Florence we stopped at the largest sea lion cave in Oregon. You first walk through the gift shop filled with all different types of knick knacks. When we purchased our tickets to the caves we received a discount because it was not peak season to see the sea lions.

With our tickets we walked down stairs to a path, leading to the elevator 200 ft down. On our way to the elevator we spotted a sea lion playing in the water, however, it was the only one we saw all day.

We took the elevator down and explore the caves, learning the history and a bit about sea lions. After looking at bones and different views from the caves we decided to head back up and continue on to our campsite.


Our campsite was located just outside of old town Florence so we dropped our stuff at the campsite, making sure to put up a tarp this time, and went into old town.


In old town is a restaurant named Mo’s. This chain of restaurants found only in Oregon, is famous for its clam chowder. Knowing that, we both made sure to get clam chowder with our meals and boy was it worth it. There is no wonder why Mo’s is famous for its clam chowder, it was delicious.

After dinner we drove back to the campsite where we called it a night to rest up for Portland the next day.

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