Astoria, Seaside and Nehalem Bay

This past weekend my boyfriend Chris and I decided to take a weekend for ourselves and drive down to Oregon. Our trip lasted from Thursday to Sunday and spanned over 1600 KM’s.

We left early Thursday morning to get to the border crossing as it opened. We had a super short wait and went right through, after getting a visa waiver for Chris. We drove straight through Bellingham to the Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip. After a quick shopping trip we continued on our journey.

After taking the Interstate-5, we moved on to the 101, for a more scenic route. We stopped next in Astoria. Trying to make the most out of our four days, we only went to the Astoria column. We were a bit disappointed to find that the column was being reconstructed, so we couldn’t actually see it. However, the view was incredible. You were able to see all of Astoria. If you happen to be in the area and don’t have much time, I definitely recommend checking out the view.

Seaside was a short drive from Astoria. We stopped here to walk along the Promenade along the beach. We took a short walk before heading on to our next destination. I was wearing a top from a boutique in England and my skirt I got as a present. Since it was so windy, I added black tights and my black Steven Madden combat boots.


Our last stop for the day was Nehalem Bay, where we were camping for the evening. On our way to the campsite, we were stopped by a truck who was driving in front of four over-sized trucks. These trucks were carrying small homes. As we were pulled over by the side, one truck took a corner too quickly and the house nearly hit my car. It was one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. The rest of the trucks went by and I quickly collected myself, continuing on to Nehalem Bay State Park.

I hadn’t been camping in years so I was quite excited to stay in a tent, sit by a fire and make s’mores. Chris and I put up the tent quickly. Realizing we were hungry, we went into the little town to try and find somewhere to eat. Unfortunately, there was nothing. We went through a few more towns before reaching Rockaway Beach. We found the cutest little restaurant right on the beach, called the Sand Dollar Restaurant and Lounge, where we had fish and chips.

After dinner we went back to the campsite where we made s’mores around the fire. It started to rain so we called it a night, ready for more driving the next day.

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