Nice, France

Whenever we fly over to England to visit family and friends, we always try to make a quick getaway to somewhere in Europe. Since we have been to Paris many times before, we decided to try somewhere different in France. This time we chose Nice in the French Riviera.

Our flight was early in the morning from John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. Since EasyJet has really affordable flights, we decided to fly with them. Leaving at 7am meant that we would have all day in Nice, stretching out the two days we had away.

The flight was quick and I slept the entire way. When we landed we quickly found the bus that would take us into the city and close to our hotel. Since we had stayed in a Mercure Hotel before in Cardiff, we decided it would be a good idea to stay in one again. Last time we loved the hotel, this time, it wasn’t our favourite. We stayed at the Mercure Nice Centre Notre Dame. I don’t complain about hotels much, as I’ve stayed in hostels and seen the worst of the worst. Don’t get me wrong, our hotel wasn’t awful, but it definitely needed some upgrades. The bathtub was falling apart and the decor had seen better days. There is a reason the rooms aren’t shown on the website. Although, the bed was comfortable and it would do for two nights.

After a quick nap we decided to hit the town. First on the agenda was food. We found a cute little French restaurant that looked like something you would see in the movies. We sat outside at one of the many little tables. For an appetizer, since we were in France, we ordered escargot. For our meals, fittingly, we got (French) onion soup. It was delicious.

Soon after, we walked towards the water where we found the Promenade des Anglais. This walkway goes along the Mediterranean and the beach. We walked along here as the sun was setting, making our way to a different part of town.

Eventually it grew dark and we strolled about different streets of the city, getting a true feel for life in Nice. After getting lost for a while (happily though), we found our way to a park near our hotel, where there were fountains going off and kids playing on a natural playground. It was lovely to sit and watch.

The city was a lot quieter than Paris, but it was beautiful none the less. It is definitely a nice place to go relax on the beach, or for a quick city getaway.

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