On our second day in the French Riviera, we decided to take a bus to Monaco. We were told to take the 100 bus towards Monaco, which would only cost us €1.50. I mean for that price, why WOULDN’T you go visit Monaco for the day? However, since it was Chris and I travelling, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. We asked at the front desk of the hotel where to catch the bus. We were told to go to Garibaldi Square, a main transport hub not too far from our hotel. We thought great, this will be a piece of cake. But,it wasn’t. We wandered around the square for about an hour until we found the bus headquarters office. We went in asking where the bus was, to be told we were no where close. We were given directions and were on our way.

Eventually, we caught a bus and sat down for the 40 minute ride. The bus was great! It was modern, huge and was extremely spacious. I would even say they were better than Vancouver buses. The drive followed a very narrow road along the coast of France. The view was spectacular.

In no time we were in Monaco, driving on the track for the Formula 1. Chris and I watch the races religiously. It was so neat to think that in just a couple of weeks our favourite drivers would take to this track for the Monaco Grand Prix. Where we got off the bus was the starting lines for the race. There were white boxes on the road and seats being set up everywhere.

First we decided to walk uphill towards the Monte Carlo Casino. On the way we passed shops of some of my favourite designers such as Hermès, Valentino and Chanel. The area around the casino was extremely busy, full of tourists and locals. At the time the European Poker Tour was taking place, adding to the crowds.

The casino was incredible. You weren’t able to take photos inside, but they are amazing. The intricate architecture and paintings are like no other. After we took a quick look around the casino, we were getting hungry. We took a walk down to the other side of the bay where we marveled at the luxurious yachts filling the marina.


It was lovely, and sunny, and warm in Monaco so I chose to wear my white Conscious Collection tank from H&M, paired with a white accordion skirt with splashes of colour from Primark.

We ended up eating at an American style place called Stars’N’Bars. As soon as you walked in you noticed the Formula 1 memorabilia right away. There were jumpsuits, helmets, gloves and photos all autographed and hung up on every wall. We sat and shared a caesar salad, potato skins and clubhouse sandwich before deciding it was about time to head back to the hotel.

This time when we boarded the bus it was absolutely rammed full. Chris and I stood for the 40 minute right back into Nice. From there we took our time and walked slowly back to the hotel. When we got back, we had to repack, but made time to go out and sit by the water one more time, before flying back to England the next day.

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