New York – Day Three

What a full day today has been. Chris and I set an alarm early, but, yet again, slept in. However, we still managed to get everything in that we wanted.

For a full day walking, I chose to wear blue jeans and a colourful tank top from Nordstrom.
For a full day walking, I chose to wear blue jeans and a colourful tank top from Nordstrom.

First we went for a quick breakfast and headed to Brooklyn to see the bridge. We managed to get there early enough to beat the crowd. Brooklyn Bridge is huge. We only ended up walking half way up, but the view was still incredible.

After the bridge, we went to Ground Zero. If you are ever in New York, I highly recommend going to the memorial, even if it means you have to give something else up. Before we went in, we went to the North Tower pool. When you see it on T.V. or photos, you don’t truly realize how large the buildings were. It really hits you. After reading the names of those who perished in the attacks, we joined the line to buy tickets for the museum. It cost $24 each, but was worth every penny.

You walk in and see the foundations and steel beams from the towers. You are given the history of the building, the timeline of September 11, 2001, as well as the events after. After you walk through the general exhibition, you are able to go through another that has artifacts from the attacks, such as shoes, firetrucks, papers, and plane bits. There was also an artifact, the size of a large boulder, that was five floors of one of the buildings compressed, due to the heat and impact. It was heart-wrenching.

Seeing everything was extremely heavy and saddening. However, the thing that hit me the most was a phone call from a passenger aboard one of the hijacked planes. You are able to hear the recording of a husband phoning his wife telling her his plane has been hijacked. He tells her he hopes she has fun and does great things and he loves her. Reading these words posted on the wall was enough, I myself couldn’t listen to the recording. It was hard enough not crying seeing everything.

When we left the museum we were deeply saddened. Watching the event nearly 14 years ago was shocking, but you can’t fully comprehend it unless you go see it.

We decided to go do something a bit lighter after the museum. Since we were close, we found our way to Wall Street. The buildings are incredible. After a quick stop outside the stock exchange, we realized it was getting late in the afternoon and we still wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty.

Eventually we arrived at Battery Park. From here we could see the Statue of Liberty across the Hudson River. We were going to get the ferry across to see it closer, but we had a New York Yankees game to catch.

For the game I wore my H&M black coat, white, black and wine plaid shirt from Forever21 and black jeggings from American Eagle. To top it off I had to wear my brand new Yankees hat.

If you are a MasterCard holder, you can get awesome deals on games! We ended up getting tickets for $5US each! The Yankees were playing against the Tampa Bay Rays. I wish I had brought a blanket, it was freezing! It was worth it though. (Spoiler alert, the Yankees won).

All in all, we had a fantastic, jam packed day.

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