New York – Day Two

Well, day two has been an extremely eventful one. Since Chris and I are only here for a short time, we decided to get up early to make sure we had a full day. That didn’t exactly go to plan. We slept through our alarm for 2 hours. Whoops. When we did get up, we made our way to Grand Central Station. The station is enormous. Since we were going to be walking around a lot, I chose to wear my River Island black trousers, a pink tank top from Forever21, and my Primark flats.

After wandering around, we decided to head towards Central Park. Since we had never used the subway before, we were totally clueless. First, we didn’t know how to get a ticket, then we got on the wrong train. Thinking we would be getting off near Central Park, we ended up getting off in Harlem. It was a bit rough. We walked towards Central Park and heard a gospel choir from two blocks away. I felt like I was in a movie.

When we eventually made it to Central Park, it was time to head back to our hotel. This time we managed to navigate the subway better. At our hotel we got ready quickly to go back out to see An American in Paris on Broadway. I wore a black crop top from New Look, a mid length floral skirt from Forever21 with my black cut out booties, also from New Look. Going to see a musical on Broadway has been something I have always wanted to do. It is also something I can now say I’ve checked off my bucket list.

The musical was amazing. In my opinion, it is one of the least advertised musicals, but it is a definite must see! The cast was amazing. The show started at 3 and ended just after 5:30. During intermission, I spotted someone who I watch on tv daily. Chris and I are obsessed with the show Chopped. One of the judges, Chef Marc Murphy, was at the show as well with his family. I was slightly star stuck.

After the show we went to Red Lobster on Times Square for dinner. Chris had never been since we don’t have the restaurants in Canada. We had a four course meal including muscles in white wine sauce, salad, lobster tail and crab legs, and a lava chocolate chip cookie for dessert. It was delicious.

We walked around the city and back to the hotel after dinner enjoying the lights and buildings. We have another big day tomorrow, as it’s our last full day in New York. Hopefully we will wake up early enough.

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