New York

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I hate flying. However, my boyfriend and I have embarked on a 2 week trip, with multiple stops. The first on the list, New York. Neither of us had been to the city that never sleeps before, so it was a no-brainer.

The day started off early (4am early) after having only three and a half hours sleep. We both worked the day before and stayed up late getting everything together for our trip. We got ready in the morning and met our taxi outside at 5. The taxi promptly took us to Waterfront station downtown, where we caught the Canada Line to Vancouver International Airport.

I had never flown to the United States, so I had assumed after we checked our bags, we would have time to get breakfast before going through security. Was I ever wrong. We checked our bags and were promptly taken through security, and then through the United States border control.

We sat at our gate for two hours before we boarded the plane. We got on and both fell asleep right away. When we woke up, we were in Newark, New Jersey. Quickly we got off, grabbed our bags, and hopped on the Newark Airport Express bus towards Grand Central Station in New York.

The journey, which should have taken 50 minutes, took about an hour and a half because the traffic was so bad. From New Jersey you could see Manhattan. The view of the city was spectacular. Before reaching Manhattan, we went through the Lincoln Tunnel, it’s 1.5 miles long (2.4km) and seemed to go on forever. It goes under the Hudson River, connecting New York City and New Jersey.

Once we reached New York City, I was amazed. I have never seen a city so busy, with so much traffic. The bus dropped us off at Grand Central and we found our hotel easily. Located just a block or so away, we found Hotel Boutique at Grand Central, where we will be spending our New York getaway.

After checking in, both exhausted and starving, we decided to go find a famous NYC piece of pizza. We walked for a while before finding a hole in the wall pizza place where we got a great piece of pepperoni pizza! Eating down the streets of NYC, we ended up in Times Square. The lights were so bright you would think it was daytime. It was crazy how busy it was, you couldn’t even move.

So far, Chris and I are extremely sleep deprived but looking forward to what New York City will bring tomorrow.

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