Let it Be: A Celebration of The Beatles

Being in my last semester and interning means I’ve not had much time to blog. However, yesterday my English boyfriend and I went to the Let it Be: a Celebration of the Beatles at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, to make him feel a little more at home.


While it’s hard not to compare the performance to the one we saw last year at the cavern club in Liverpool (blog post here), this was still really good. We bought these tickets on a whim, thinking of all the times we’ve been to London and saying we’d go see it there. When the event popped up for a one day only show, we couldn’t say no.


For the show I wore my mauve topshop lace collared tank, with my black, floral embossed circle skirt (a gift from one of my good friends in California), I added my black and white cardigan from H&M. To top it off, I added my Eiffel Tower necklace, handmade in Fernie, B.C. out of an old bullet casing (a gift from a good friend and fellow blogger, Sarah).

The show took you from the beginning of the Beatles to the end. It brought the audience to the cavern club in Liverpool, to a taped show in New York, to a stadium performance, all the way to the last roof top performance they made.

You felt as though you were going through the different eras, or chapters, that the Beatles went through, with costume changes to match.

All of the singers emulated the Fab Four, even though it wasn’t the real deal. They fit their characters and played them to the fullest potential. Even the singer who was supposed to be john Lennon, who was clearly losing his voice, pushed through to give the audience a great show.

We were probably some of the youngest in the theatre, but everyone else there who grew up with the Beatles danced harder and sang louder than us combined.

It was a great show and a great experience. If you are ever in any area where the show is on, I recommend you go.

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