Osprey Village, Pitt Meadows

Not too long ago my boyfriend and I had the chance to do a photo shoot with my good friend Robyn Strong. He had recently moved to Canada, so we wanted Robyn to document the experience for us. Unsure of where to get our photos done, Robyn had many different suggestions. We took her suggestions and did some research concluding on having our photo shoot taken at Bonson Landing in Osprey Village.Robyn Strong Photography (71)

After getting a bit lost along the way, the destination was absolutely stunning. We got lucky with the weather, having been under a fog warning, it was just lifting and you could see across the Fraser River. If you looked along the river to the left, you could see the bold outline of the Golden Ears Bridge.

Chris has green eyes, so green looks great on him. I wanted us to match for the photo shoot so I chose to wear my favourite green lace overlay dress from  H&M. When it was too cold for my short sleeved dress, I threw on my long grey cardigan from Forever21. I paired my dress with black tights from Primark and my favourite Steven Madden combat boots. For accessories, I layered two gold toned triangle necklaces, both from Primark.

When Robyn arrived, she quickly blew up her ‘Love’ ball that would be a main feature in our photos. We tried to do our session quick because it was so cold out. The photos near the water turned out stunningly. They really captured the excitement that Chris and I had about the big move.


After shooting some photos by the water, we moved more into the village. The red brick buildings felt like I was back in London. The old feel was lovely, definitely somewhere that is worth a visit. On the other hand, there were buildings made of wood. The contrast between the two echoed the contrast between myself and Chris. The blend worked perfectly with the drastic differences.


We shot our photos for an hour before we decided to head back home and warm up. By the time were were leaving the sun was setting over the river. It was breathtaking.


Osprey Village is somewhere where you could spend the entire day, getting coffee, lunch and desserts. If you don’t have much time, you could just go for a walk on the path along the river. It is a great day out for everyone.

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