How to Make Travelling Easy

I am the first to say I hate planes. I hate flying and even the thought of it gives me slight anxiety attacks. That being said, travelling is my absolute favourite thing to do.

When you love traveling, but hate flying, making the experience as painless as possible is a must. To do this, I pack for every occasion or event that may occur.

To do this means I pack what is essential to ease my anxiety. If you’re anything like me this is what you are going to want to pack in your carry- on for your next flight. I have done my best to narrow everything down to a top ten list, however, there is much more I bring. That aside, here are my most important carry – on items.


  1.  Portable phone charger – you never know how long you’ll have to wait to get through security or for a plane to arrive. This usually means you’ll be on your phone, a lot. This is always handy to have with you.
  2.  A great read – I am a writer and a reader. The best way for me to escape what is going on around me is to immerse myself in a really good book. Currently I am reading The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion. I read the first book, The Rosie Project while I was on vacation in Portugal. The sequel is just as good as the first!
  3. Headphones! – I usually have long flights, this means in flight entertainment. In order to enjoy the movie in front of me, I need my own headphones. Airline headphones just aren’t the same as the comfort of your own.
  4. Magazines – While I love a good novel, I also love catching up on the lives of celebrities, the latest fashions and exciting travel destinations. Magazines are definitely a must have for any type of travel.
  5. Advil – Planes are small, which means my body gets a bit cramped. To help with that, or with the headache from the change of elevation, I always have Advil or Tylenol with me.
  6. Gravol – When I fly, I have to adjust to the time change ahead of time in order to make the most of my trip. Sometimes this means sleeping my entire flight to adjust. To help me with this, and with the motion sickness I get, Gravol is a must have.
  7. A change of clothes – I fly to Europe a lot. This means my style changes with the location. I like to be comfortable on the plane so I will usually throw on a pair of Lululemon leggings, an over sized sweater, denim jacket or cardigan and my Steve Madden combat boots. After flying for so long, I still want to look stylish after my flight. To save space, I usually pack my favourite floral dress and tights. I love the look of combat boots with a girly dress, so I don’t usually bring another pair of shoes. This also helps with saving room.
  8. Travel sized make up – I love makeup. I don’t want to look tired or worn out from my flight so I always carry a small mascara, foundation and blush with me. It isn’t too over the top but it makes me look fresh faced after flying. My go to products are Benefit BADgal Lash from Sephora, or the Disney line from MAC.
  9. Eye drops and glasses – I wear contacts so my eyes get really dried out from flying. I make sure I have eye drops with me so that I am able to see the destination I am flying to. Sometimes, as much as I wish they did, eye drops just don’t work. In that case, I bring my esprit bold framed glasses with me. They are stylish enough to still go with all of my outfits and easy to pack with me.
  10. Lastly, my laptop – I wouldn’t be a very good travel blogger if I didn’t bring my laptop with me! I like to bring it in my carry-on because you never know what you’ll see, who you’ll meet or what may happen. This makes it easy for me to blog on the go, rather than forget the details when I’ve landed.

I like to make sure everything is planned when I touch down. This means having my transportation and hotels planned and booked ahead of time. Knowing exactly where I am going and how I am getting there by planning ahead is the best, stress free solution to make traveling easier. To elevate some of that stress, having transportation planned and booked is the most important, hotels can be booked on the go. When I first heard about RelayRides, I was sold. You are able to rent a car effortlessly. Sometimes, car rentals are stuffy and boring. With RelayRides, you are able to choose the type of car you want and rent in from the owner, through the site easily. If you are flying throughout the United States, RelayRides is stationed at many different airports so you can book right there and then. It’s so easy and convenient all your travel stress will go away.

What are some of the essentials you take with you to ensure traveling is made easy?

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I am a journalism graduate with a passion for storytelling. I have a love for fashion and travel which brought to life Fashionable Travels.

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