Burns Bog, Surrey, B.C.

I have been so incredibly busy with school and my internship lately that I haven’t had much time to go out and do other things. However, this semester I was taking a course that was a little out of the box, but really fun. For our last class we had a field trip to Burns Bog. Our class was about myths, narratives and creativity, so this was the perfect place to explore.

Everyone thinks because I am from Vancouver, I get a lot of snow. This is not the case at all! We rarely get snow, but when we do, it is absolutely beautiful. Our class arrived at the bog and it looked like a complete winter wonderland.

I chose to dress as warmly as I could grabbing a coat, forever21 scarf and my Nautica rain boots.


Our teacher led us on a tour of the bog, which usually has a really spongy absorbent floor, but was frozen and covered in snow. Burns Bog is a conservation center, one of the biggest in B.C.. Volunteers have built a board walk throughout, making a manmade trail. Throughout this trail you could see all types of wildlife. As we were walking deeper and deeper into the woods I felt as though I was escaping to Narnia.


On one stop of our tour, we saw trees that had been previously burnt in a fire that happened years ago. On another stop, we were able to see the different patterns that had frozen in the water. We also got to explore an abandoned bear cave that had been made out of a fallen tree. On one of our last stops, we saw the top of a tractor that had sunk on top of another tractor that it was supposed to be pulling out of the bog.

If you have the chance to escape the city life, if even for an hour, Burns Bog is a great place to explore.

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