San Diego, California


It has come the time where I must say goodbye to the adventures and get back to real life.

For my last night in California, Melissa and Shelby thought it would be a good idea to take me out in San Diego. First, Shelby and I needed to drive home from Los Angeles. This should have only taken us about two hours, however, in total we were in the car for about four.

We got an early start and left our hotel well before check out. We grabbed a necessary coffee and then went to go find a bagel place. We chose Einstein Bros Bagels. I ordered an everything bagel with egg, cheese and bacon. It was so yummy, I could have eaten them all day long. It was great that there was such a variety although I had a hard time choosing what I wanted.

After breakfast we made our way home, getting stuck in awful traffic. By the time we got back it was 3pm and we had only a couple of hours to get everything together to go out. I had to pack, shower, check into my flight and get ready for a night out. I decided to wear my new wine coloured pleather skirt from Nordstrom Rack and I borrowed Shelby’s black crop top from Nordstrom.


At around 6pm we went out to Melissa and her husband Paul’s friend Jordan’s house. We were also joined by Jordan’s girlfriend Tara and their friend Pat.

They took us for dinner as soon as we arrived, taking an Uber to get there. We arrived at a place called Turf Supper Club. This place has been open for years. It has a bar and an area where you can cook your own meat. It was really good.


By this time, we all wanted to go dancing so we decided to check out Vin De Syrah . It was an underground club located in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. Walking in here was like walking into the film, Alice in Wonderland. You walk down a flight of stairs which lead you underneath the street. The walls were full of fake grass, making it impossible to find the door. If you are a first timer at this club, you will definitely need help getting in. However, from what I remember, the door is to the left of the stairs.

When you are inside the club there are lights and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The chairs and tables look as though you are attending the mad hatters tea party. This club was so unique, I would definitely recommend it if you are ever in the area.

We called in an early night and went back to Melissa’s friends house. Being so tired, we all fell asleep pretty quickly.

The next morning it was time for me to say goodbye to my Californian friends and head back to reality, and the rain. First we grabbed breakfast at Brooklyn Girl in Mission Hills. This was a cute little eatery, where we opted to eat outside. It was like being back in Europe. Here, I ordered fresh orange juice and chocolate pancakes. They were to die for.

Melissa and I at Brooklyn Girl.
Melissa and I at Brooklyn Girl.

As soon as we finished breakfast I said goodbye to California, hopped on a plane and headed home.

Until next time California, you were a blast.

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