Los Angeles, California

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We had such a strange day when we went to Los Angeles. Shelby and I could have sworn it was a full moon, even though it wasn’t.

Shelby and I start our mornings out with Starbucks. She runs out and takes her dog out to the park and brings back Starbucks. The morning we left, as she was getting out of her car and walking to her apartment, she dropped my coffee on the ground, and being the great friend that she is, she went back and got me a new one.

By the time we actually left, we were running about an hour behind, but that’s normal for us. We went and dropped Shelby’s dog off at her sister’s house. After that we decided to stop by Nordstrom Rack where we randomly ran into Melissa. After spending an hour and a bit shopping, we figured it was about time to head to LA.


At 4:30pm, we arrived on Sunset Boulevard, where we were staying at The Grafton Hotel. As we were about to turn onto the street, we saw it was blocked off. Freaking out that we couldn’t get to our hotel, I googled what was going on. Apparently, the main water main burst because it was 100 years old. So realizing it would be a while until we could get to our hotel, we set off to Santa Monica Pier.

I was not dressed for the occasion. The skirt on my dress, from H&M, was a bit flowy and by the water it was super windy. To escape from the wind we stepped into Seasons 52 for happy hour. We ordered Hawaiian Cosmopolitans and grilled scallops. The presentation, as well as the taste, was spot on.

After happy hour, we went to watch the sunset on the pier. When it was setting we noticed a street performance group, Style Proz Crew, who were on America’s Got Talent. They were so good at what they did. Shelby was praying she wouldn’t get picked to help the group, but she did. For their finale, a dancer jumped over a handful of the audience members, Shelby included.


When the show concluded, we headed back to Sunset. First, we had to stop at Target because I forgot to pack pajamas. After we stopped we continued on our journey. We arrived back to Sunset to realize that the road was still closed. We needed to turn around and come down Sunset from the other direction. Thinking this would be easy, we tried it. We drove around in circles for the longest time. We kept driving down no through roads. Eventually we got it right and were able to drive down the street.. to an extent. We ended up parking in a parking lot down the street from our hotel and had to walk the rest of the way.

It was 10pm by the time we checked into our hotel. By this time we were starving and wanted to go for dinner. After getting ready, it was about 11:30pm by the time we left. Through our driving escapades, we found a sushi place down the street from our hotel so we decided to go there. As we were walking, we walked passed Gregg Sulkin, an English actor who was in “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Faking It”. It didn’t register to Shelby who it was until we were already long passed him and his friend.


Eventually we got to Sushiya where we shared three mouth watering sushi rolls and had fresh raspberry mojitos. We inhaled our dinner and decided we should continue drinking. We ended up at this really random bar. We had one vodka cranberry and decided it was time to leave. When we got back to our hotel, we wanted one more drink for the night. Noticing that the velvet ropes were up to the bar, we asked if it was still open, getting the response no. We decided not to listen since there were still a handful of people at the bar. Here we had one more vodka cranberry and called it a night.

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2 thoughts on “Los Angeles, California

  1. It’s interesting to see that you were able to grab some food that late. Anyway, it is awkward that hotel bars tend to “close” when there are still several guests present. Not the best service…

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