Wine Country, Temecula, California

California is known for many amazing things. Their wine is definitely one of them.

Shelby and Melissa are self proclaimed winos so they decided to take me wine tasting. I had never been wine tasting before so I was really excited to go try it.  Being members of wineries, the girls decided these would be the best ones to take me to.

First we went to South Coast Wineries. We tried many wines here. They had a huge selection, and many sweet wines which are what I usually go for. I was able to try a huge variety.


Next we headed down the road, less than a mile to Wiens Winery. We got really lucky here. Melissa ran into her friend Brian who works at the winery. He told us he had a crazy busy day at work, but would give us a tour of the winery once he had a chance to catch his breath. We were stoked! Melissa had mentioned not even she had had a tour of the winery before.


While we were waiting we had some champagne and brought out our snacks. Melissa had bought waters, cheese, crackers, meat and trail mix for us to fill up on. It was a great to have as we sat in the sun outside the winery.  As we were eating, Brian came out to grab us and give us a tour. He took us through the entire winery showing us where the wine was kept, fermented, pressed and he took us into the reserve room. Brian gave us so many samples, out of the freshly pressed wine and out of where the wine was still being filtered. It was such an amazing experience. This was something that I will always remember about California and their wine.

Lastly we set out to Robert Renzoni Winery, where Shelby is a member and knows the owner. By this time I was definitely feeling all the tastings we had done, so I opted out and only had one tasting at this winery. I tried the Moscato that they carry. It was really sweet but very tasting. We sat outside the winery for a while chatting as the girls had their wine tastings. The view we had was absolutely incredible. You could see all of, or most of, wine country.


Shelby had to work so we left the winery around 5pm. Melissa and I went back to her house to cool off and have Pina Coladas for a while. Once her husband, Paul, arrived home from work, and we had relaxed, the three of us decided to head into Old Town Temecula for dinner. We chose to eat at a place called the Public House. The food here is all organic and fresh. I chose to order the summer citrus salad. It was kale, arugula, goat cheese with a citrus vinaigrette. After work Shelby joined us for a drink before we all decided to call it a night and head home.


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