Stanley Park Seawall – Vancouver, B.C.

041Vancouverites are known as Lululemon wearing, fitness fanatics. When Vancouver is known as the second fittest city in Canada, according to StatsCan, there is a reason for that stereotype.

Stanley Park has been voted the world’s best park, according to TripAdvisor, so there is no wonder why Vancouverites want to spend time here. The Stanley Park Seawall is the perfect balance between nature and the urban. This, in a sense, describes Vancouver, and British Columbia, in a whole.


I had missed this balance, so as summer is coming to an end, I wanted to embrace what Vancouver has to offer. The other day, my friend Tyler and I decided that it would be a great idea to rent bikes, from Spokes Bicycle Rentals, and ride along the Seawall.

The day was fantastic. It was warm and sunny, a great day to enjoy the outdoors. We grabbed the bikes, and started on our journey.

For our bike ride I chose to wear my distressed American Eagle shorts, as well as a striped tank top to keep me cool in the sun.

In total, it took us an hour to go along the Seawall. We stopped and took photos, enjoying the scenery. If you wanted to have a whole day experience, that can be easily done. There are plenty of restaurants along the path. You could also stop at one of the beaches, or the  pool to soak up the sun.

If you’re new to Vancouver, just visiting, or just want to enjoy what Vancouver has to offer, the Stanley Park Seawall is a must.

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