Mount Cheam – Chilliwack, B.C

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Hikes are in a high abundance throughout B.C.. It is quite easy to go nearly anywhere and find a mountain you can hike up. From the Grouse Grind, to the Golden Ears trails, there is no shortage in outdoor exercise that can lead you to amazing views.

I’ll be honest with you, I enjoy a good work out, but I am not the fittest woman on the planet. It has been over a year since I hiked anywhere, but my best friend Karleigh insisted we go up Mount Cheam. Needless to say, I was not quite prepared for this hike.

I had spent the night at Karleigh and her boyfriend, Nick’s house. We got up around 6:30am to get everything ready for our hike. We then drove over to Tiffany’s house (Nick’s sister), where she lives with her boyfriend Shane. Nick and Tiffany’s cousin, Sarah, was also there and was joining us on our hike.


I was decked out in Lululemon so that I was comfortable and not too hot. I put on my Primark runners because they are light, airy, and just generally really comfortable. I also packed my Primark sweatshirt and my H&M sweatpants for when I got cold at the top.

From Tiffany’s we took two vehicles and drove nearly an hour to Chilliwack. We arrived at the base of the mountain where we had nearly another hour drive up the gravel road. If you decide that you want to try this hike, make sure you take a truck or and SUV up to the mountain with you. The gravel road consists of, what seems like hundreds of, cross ditches and a car would just not make it.

Around 10am we finally made it to the parking lot. The six of us geared up and started on our way. Around 20 minutes in, I decided that was it for me, I was turning back and I would wait for everyone by the beautiful lake we had just passed.  By this time, Nick, Shane, Tiffany and Sarah had gone way ahead of us (which was great because then I didn’t feel guilty for slowing them down). Karleigh kicked my butt (thankfully) and wouldn’t let me turn back.

Going up the mountain is hard, but the views at the top, as well as throughout, make everything worth it. I complained the entire way up. I give Karleigh huge props for putting up with me (but I guess that’s why she’s my best friend). While some mountains aren’t a steep uphill terrain, this one was. I would stop every few minutes thinking my legs wouldn’t continue on anymore.  I have to thank Karleigh for pushing me when I wanted to give up.

Eventually I made it to the top, and boy can I say I was pretty proud of myself. For my first time up Mount Cheam, I had a time of around 2 hours and 20 minutes. I think that is a personal accomplishment.

While we were at the top we took lots of photos and cracked open a few drinks. Then we had a little picnic before we decided to go back down. We also met a little chipmunk that was admit to join in on lunch. At the top it was cold, but refreshing after such a long work out.

Going down was much harder than going up. I was slipping on the loose gravel and my muscles were exhausted from going up. My knees ached, but thank goodness it was much shorter than going up. While you are going down the mountain and trying not to fall on your butt, you legs feel like jello. I think at one point I couldn’t even feel my legs anymore. At the bottom, in the last stretch before the car, I’m pretty sure I was crawling. We made it to the bottom in 1 hour and 30 minutes, another personal accomplishment.


Mount Cheam killed me a little, but I felt so great when I was done. Exhausted, but great.

To reward ourselves after our hike, we stopped in Yarrow at a little ice cream parlor called Mighty Moose Ice Cream. Here they had any flavour you could think of. There was so many yummy ones I couldn’t decided what I wanted. In the end I chose Coffee Crunch and Caramel Pecan Fudge in a waffle cone. These flavours did not disappoint, however, they did fall out of my cone and into a bowl.

After our ice cream we decided to head back home. I could barely stay awake. As soon as I pulled into my driveway I quickly ate, showered and went to bed.

As I sit here in bed the next day, barely able to walk, telling you how hard the hike was, I do mean it. However, I would do it all over again (even though I swore blind yesterday that I never would). It was hard, I won’t lie, but it is incredibly worth it. I think nearly anyone can do this hike. You can go at your own speed and spend the day at the top having a picnic and taking in the views.

Like any hike, you won’t regret this one.

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