Parbold Hill, England


As I am going back to Vancouver soon, my boyfriend’s grandfather took myself and my boyfriend’s family out for dinner. He took us to Miller & Carter Steak House  on Parbold Hill. While to food wasn’t out of this world, the view surrounding the restaurant was.

For this occasion, I put on a maxi dress, as it was quite warm out. Maxi-dresses, to me, are a summer essential. A maxi dress can be casual in the day, but also dressy at night. My dress had a black top, with a navy blue and black chevron bottom. There is also a braided belt that falls along the waist of the dress.



Parbold Hill over looks a majority of the Lancashire District. At the viewpoint there is a huge rock which shows where you are looking out to and how far away it is.


Here you overlook a valley that, over 800 years ago, held the largest lake in Europe. This is where the Vikings traveled. Or so I’m told.

We arrived just before sunset so we could look out at the view point in the daylight, and then again when the sun was setting. As mentioned before, the view was spectacular.  We looked out at all the different villages and towns and then made our way in for dinner.

There was a 50 minute wait for a table so we all sat down and had a drink while we waited. Eventually a table became free and we were seated for our meal. It took a while for someone to take our order, and again we had quite a wait for our food. My boyfriend and I shared a starter of nachos.  When that was finished, I had a bacon cheeseburger. The burger itself was cooked well, however, the sauces had made the bun soggy. Apart from that, the food was alright.


After we finished eating, it took awhile for the bill. However, by the time we got out of the restaurant, the sun had set and the view was as breathtaking, if not more breathtaking, than the view before.


I recommend, if you are in Lancashire, to look at the view from Parbold Hill. If you are in need of food, right then and there, Miller & Carter Steakhouse will do the job. However, if you are looking for something a bit quicker, yet outstanding, I would go elsewhere.

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