Southport, England

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I absolutely adore shopping. No matter how busy I may be, I will always find time to shop.

I am currently in the small village of Burscough. The downside of being in such a small village, there is nowhere for me to go shopping. Don’t get me wrong, the architecture, the community, everything about the village is beautiful and great, but I need somewhere to shop.

My boyfriend’s mom and I decided to go on a little shopping trip to Southport. It is only a twenty minute ride on the train, but we decided to drive instead. 

Southport is a small town that has something for everybody. There is a pier along the beach where you can go for walks, or lay out on the sand. There is a fun park for family fun. There is history found among the streets and buildings. Last, but not least, there is shopping.

While Southport isn’t huge, it fills my shopping needs. Here you can find shops such as River Island, New Look, Marks and Spencer, H&M and Primark. There is a shop for everyone. 

We spent the day looking through the shops and admiring the old historic buildings along the way.

photo 2

I recommend, if you are in the area, to stop by Southport. This beach town is great if you want to do a quick shop, lay on the beach or admire some English history.

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