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  I had never been to Leeds, UK, before, so when I had a free day I made a point of going to visit. I shared this idea with my boyfriend and he insisted on coming with me. So, on Saturday, we made the the nearly two and a half our train ride to Leeds. I had been told before that Leeds isn’t the greatest place to be a tourist, or if you are a tourist in this city, not to let it show. Keeping this in mind I hid my camera in my purse and only took it out for a quick photo before returning it again. After being told this, I was a little worried that I was going to be entering into a run down city that I would want to leave right away. I was completely wrong. Leeds is a stunning city. The architecture was amazing to look at from the shop fronts to the churches. Walking around was not boring as every building was different from the next.   004   We stumbled upon the Leeds City Market. The fresh fruit and seafood is mixed in with fabrics and souvenir gifts for curious shoppers to pick at their fancy. The market is both indoor and outdoor, surely carrying something for everyone to buy. 012 We walked around for a while taking photos along the way. We stopped at churches and walked along the canal. After a few hours we stopped for lunch and noticed a shopping center beside us. Shopping is my vice. If I find a shopping center that holds my favourite shops, I have to go in. The shops in the U.K. fit my style more than the shops in Canada, therefore, I am getting my fill of shopping while I am here.

So, as I said, we went shopping. We stopped in at the Victoria’s Secret sale, where I left with an overflowing bag. We then made our way to Primark, where I scored some more finds.

After all of the walking around the city center and shopping afterwords, we decided to go home. However, we wanted to get dinner first.

Both of us were craving Italian food so we stopped at a restaurant called Prezzo. The food here is absolutely to die for. We started with not one but two appetizers. Following our dipping bread and stuffed mushroom caps, I had lobster and crab tortelli and my boyfriend had a pepperoni and sausage calzone.

After we finished our meals, we still had just under an hour until our train home. Because of the time we had to kill, we decided to get dessert as well. My boyfriend ordered chocolate profiteroles. I ordered a chocolate brownie peanut butter cheesecake. I can honestly say that I have never had a better cheesecake.

We were stuffed by the time we had to leave, which meant we would be walking slowly to the train station.

All in all, our spontaneous day to Leeds turned out to be more than I expected. If you are ever in the U.K., and in the area, it is a city you must see.

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I am a journalism graduate with a passion for storytelling. I have a love for fashion and travel which brought to life Fashionable Travels.

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