Manchester, England

  Manchester is a mecca of all different cultures. Here you will find all different types of ethnicity that translates from people to different types of shows, street performers, markets, shopping and most importantly food. Manchester houses nearly every type of food you can imagine. At least once a week I go into Manchester to meet my boyfriend … More Manchester, England

Southport, England

  I absolutely adore shopping. No matter how busy I may be, I will always find time to shop. I am currently in the small village of Burscough. The downside of being in such a small village, there is nowhere for me to go shopping. Don’t get me wrong, the architecture, the community, everything about … More Southport, England

Cardiff, Wales

I have been to many places in the U.K., including Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, one place I had yet to visit was Wales. After last weekend that was changed. My boyfriend and I decided to visit Cardiff, Wales because of how well known the city is. This city is the capital of Wales, and … More Cardiff, Wales

Burscough, England

  Last night, after finally having a cooked English breakfast at home, my boyfriend and I went for a walk along the Leeds/Liverpool canal. I have lived here two months already and haven’t found the time to go for a walk. I was excited to see a different side of the little town I was living in. … More Burscough, England


  I had never been to Leeds, UK, before, so when I had a free day I made a point of going to visit. I shared this idea with my boyfriend and he insisted on coming with me. So, on Saturday, we made the the nearly two and a half our train ride to Leeds. … More Leeds