The Cavern Club Beatles


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My boyfriend and I were born in the wrong era. We are both avid Beatles fans, therefore, we decided to go to the Cavern Club in Liverpool. At the Cavern Club, there is a resident Beatles cover band. This was perfect for a Saturday night out.

The night started with a trip to Liverpool One. When we arrived, we made a stop at Nando’s before we really started our night out. After our meal of chicken burgers and chips, we made our way to the Cavern Club.

When we arrived to the Cavern Club, we showed our tickets and made the many flights of stairs down to the club area. We pushed our way through the crowd at the bar, to another ticket checking area. We got our tickets checked and our hands got stamped. Soon enough we found the only free seats left and sat down, claiming them as ours. My boyfriend made his way to the bar, grabbing a beer and an archers lemonade, as we waited for the show to start.

By this time it was around 8:15 pm, and only waited until 8:25 pm for the opening act to start. I didn’t catch his name, but he played many covers that set the mood for the evening. He left the stage after an hour and the wait for the Cavern Club Beatles remained.

At 10 pm, the screen behind the stage lit up, showing history before the Beatles. Then, all of a sudden, The Cavern Club Beatles emerged on the stage.

The band was very good. They sounded like the Beatles, they looked like the Beatles and they acted like the Beatles. They came out dressed in black suits, dawned with a white dress shirt and a black tie.

They had two breaks in which they had two more costume changes. The second was to go with the magical mystery tour. The third was to showcase each of the original members styles, towards the end of the bands era.

All in all, the show was amazing. The only complaint was the heat. It was so warm in the little club, however, it added to the experience. If I would do anything differently, it would be to wear clothes that were lighter for the heat.

If you are ever in Liverpool, and you’re a fan of the Beatles, I would definitely recommend going to see The Cavern Club Beatles on a Friday or Saturday night.

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