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A few weeks ago, my boyfriend whisked me away to Paris for our one year anniversary. He had booked us a four day holiday in France to enjoy a weekend away from work and stress.

We had an early morning flight and decided it would be a good idea to stay up all night until our taxi arrived at 4am. This turned out to be not so great of an idea.

The evening started with chinese takeaway and television. Of course, this made us so tired that we didn’t want to move for the rest of the night. Eventually 1am rolled around and we decided it would probably be best if we started packing for our trip. After a quick pack up of our things, and running around the house getting ready and getting everything together, we were ready just in time for our taxi.

We soon arrived at John Lennon Liverpool Airport. We got a starbucks to keep us awake and then made our way through security. Going through security was a breeze. After about an hour we started to board the plane and make our way to Paris.

The flight was quick and we arrived in Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport around 930am. We went through the border control and got onto the metro into the city.

As we arrived in the city, the weather took a turn for the worst (this also turned into a theme for our trip). The rain was down pouring on us as we walked the rest of the way. We found our hotel easily, it was located in between the Moulin Rouge and the Sacré-Cœur. By this time it was around 2pm, so we decided it was time for a rest.

Our quick rest turned into a few hour nap. By this time it was dark out and we decided to grab a quick meal and walk around our hotel. We found a cute little restaurant with the most lovely food. We started with escargot, a must in Paris. For a meal, I had salmon and my boyfriend had a burger.

After our meal we walked to the Moulin Rouge where we took the typical tourist photos. By this time we were quite tired again and decided to head back to the hotel for the evening.



We had planned to wake up early and make a whole day of our first real day in Paris. This plan failed as we slept through our alarms. Eventually we made it out around 11am, on the hunt for some breakfast. We found a little restaurant where there was breakfast still advertised. Or so we thought. We were quite wrong. After trying to order breakfast, and being told no, we settled on just getting coffee. The man who was serving us quickly came back with the breakfast we originally wanted; croissants, yogurt and granola.

Finishing breakfast quickly, we made our way to the heart of the city where we went shopping down the Avenue des Champs Elysee. While the day had started out lovely and sunny, it quickly turned into a black sky with large raindrops. We hid in the shops until the rain past and then made our way to the Concord. We stopped for a while and took photos and then eventually made our way to the Invalides. This war museum, which used to be a hospital, was a huge maze of war information, machinery and tombs. We spent a majority of our day here, until we got hungry and made our way to get some French Onion Soup.

Having another quick meal, we went back to the hotel to dry off from the ongoing rain. Of course, heading back to the hotel meant having a nap. Waking up to the dark sky, again, we decided to go for a walk around our hotel. This time we ended up near the Opera house. The architecture of this building was absolutely incredible and took up an entire city block around. After taking a few photos, we decided to call it a night.



On the third day we went to the Notre Dame where we took a tour inside. After the Cathedral, we decided to go put our engraved lock on the lock bridge over the Seine River. I had planned ahead and got a lock engraved as a gift for our one year anniversary. Since this day was our actual anniversary, we decided that would be the day when we would place it on the bridge.

As we were walking towards it, it started drizzling (as usual). We thought this was fine and we wouldn’t need to run for cover. We were wrong. In a second it turned into torrential rainfall; I had never seen anything like it. We quickly ran to a building that had an awning big enough to cover us. After about five minutes the rain let up and we continued our journey to the bridge.

When we arrived, the task to find an empty spot to place our lock was a hard on. Eventually, we found one as the rain started up again. In order to escape for a bit we decided to go to the Louvre for a while. We got there and realized how hungry we were. We got lunch, consisting of soup and salad, before we made our way into the exhibit. As we had been to the Louvre before, we decided to go into a different area. This time we went through the Egyptian exhibit. This took us about two and a half hours. After going through the Louvre, it was time to go back to the hotel to get changed and ready for our anniversary meal.

We made ourselves look nice and went to the Arc De Triomphe before grabbing dinner. We purchased our tickets and made our way up to the look out. What we had not expected was the millions of flights of stairs on the way. Nearly giving up several times, we finally reached the look out. The stairs were well worth the view. It was absolutely incredible seeing the city from that high up. Staying there a while, we thought it was about time to get some dinner. We made our way back down and went on the search for Italian food. After checking out many restaurant, we finally found the one where we had a lovely anniversary meal.



It was our last day, and the day of our flight home. We had some time to kill and wanted to do something completely different that neither of us had done before in France. With that, we made our way to Versailles.

The palace was incredible and the weather was perfect for a day out. We arrived and noticed that the line to get in the actual palace was about an hour and a half long. We also wanted to see the gardens, the Grand Trianon and Marie-Antoinette’s estate. In a quick decision, we decided to leave the palace for another time and made our way to the gardens. To say the view was spectacular was an understatement. I have never seen anything like it. It was absolutely breathtaking.

We walked around the gardens for about an hour before making our way to the Grand Trianon and Marie-Antoinette’s estate. We walked through the gardens of Marie-Antoinette’s estate and through the mini village that had been built there. We went through the farm and realized we had to start to make our way back in order to make the train to the airport. On our way back we got a bit lost, but it was worth the time spent. The buildings and scenery we passed were something I had never seen before.

Eventually, we made our way out and to the train. We got on and made our way to the airport, saying goodbye to Paris, until next time.

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