A Summer Away

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For the next three months I will be studying abroad. I will be based in England but have a few travel plans around Europe. I will be posting about the places I see, the people I meet, the fashions I come across and anything exciting that happens while I am away.


My journey from Vancouver to London yesterday was quite eventful. I arrived at the airport around 4pm in order to catch my 630pm plane. After checking my bag and saying goodbye to my family, I made my way through security. With a short wait to board my plane I made sure everything was charged and ready to go.

After boarding my plane and finding my seat around 6pm, the pilot told us all that while they were putting the baggage on the plane, they had dented a panel. He said that they didn’t know whether or not they could fix it, but he would keep us updated. After a 30 minute wait with no word from the pilot, he finally came back to tell us that they had fix it but now we had another long wait while they sent paperwork back and forth from Vancouver to Montreal, in order to get the go ahead that they could fly. We waited for another hour until we got the all clear and proceeded with our trip. We thought it was smooth sailing until we were about to take off and then suddenly stopped. The pilot came on again to say that we were delayed because of a coyote on the runway and we had to wait until they removed it. After another quick wait, we were finally off.

After getting our meal on the plane, I fell asleep for a few hours, waking up to a stewardess paging to see if there was a doctor on board for a medical emergence. Luckily, there were two, one of which was in front of me. After seeing her run to the back of the plane, I feared that we would have to make an emergency landing with three hours left to go in our journey.

A while later the woman in front of me reappeared and told us all that a woman in the back had a mild heart attack. After using a defibrillator,  they had stabilized her and given her aspirin to hold her over until we landed.

When we eventually landed, all the passengers were asked to stay on board while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. As soon as they made it on board we were told we could leave.

I made my way to immigration at Heathrow Airport. I was worried that I would have a long wait there as well, due to problems they have been having with their technology getting people through customs. I got lucky and didn’t have to wait at all. After an 11 hour plane ride, when it only should have been 9, I could not have been happier.

I soon went to go get my checked bag and met my boyfriend in the airport. We got onto the underground and arrived at London Euston station where we were to get our train up North.

We had time to wait for our train so we went to Nando’s for lunch. After a quick meal we went back to the train station to find that our train was delayed. This seemed to be my theme for the day.

Eventually we made it on our train, which ended up being an hour longer than it should have been due to track work. After arriving in Wigan, we got a lift home. As soon as we got in the doors and said a quick hello to everyone, it was time to put an end to the longest day ever, and I finally got a good nights sleep.

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I am a journalism graduate with a passion for storytelling. I have a love for fashion and travel which brought to life Fashionable Travels.

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