Vancouver Fashion Week March 23, 2014

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This year I had the pleasure of attending the 6th day of Vancouver Fashion Week. To me, it was one the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

I was lucky enough to get two media passes after talking to the Fashion Co-ordinator, Kim Krempien. After interviewing her last fall, I sent a quick e-mail hoping I’d be able to come and cover the event for school. Kim was more than willing to let me come, and even sounded quite excited.

My friend Sarah and I made the trek downtown Vancouver early, eager to arrive.  We walked to streets of Chinatown with our cameras and tripods in hand. When we first arrived, we were overwhelmed with excitement. We made our way inside the Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre and walked straight to the media pit.  We were pointed into the direction of the media co-ordinator, Tiffany, who was an amazing help. After running around everywhere, setting up everything for everyone, Tiffany was able to grab our official media passes.

We arrived 2 hours before the show to be able to get backstage and take photos of the models getting ready. As a member of the KymCouture team grabbed me to get backstage, I was thrust immediately into the mad rush to get ready. While I was backstage, I was privileged enough to meet Kym Stylz, the designer behind the KymCouture Collection. This collection included rich, deep blues, and bright emerald green. The designs were striking on the runway.

I was also able to meet Veronica Gargallo Llamas, the mind and designer behind Sirette. Sirette, based in London, England, is a fun and whimsical line of womenswear that catches your eye immediately. Her designs were one of the fan’s favourites including pastel blues and see-through purple bags. With everything shown from her line, the pieces were matched with white platforms from UK’s store, New Look. 

Lastly, as I stepped outside from the madness, I overheard a young man talking about his nerves. Picking up on this, I boldly asked, “are your designs being shown tonight?” With a shy look, he quietly replied, “yes, at 7:15pm”.

To my surprise, I was talking to the insanely talented, Pierre Renaux. Renaux has been nominated and has won many awards in his short career. Originally from France, Renaux studied fashion in Belgium, from where he graduated. This year was his first year at Vancouver Fashion Week. He vocalized how nervous he was, but how much he would love to do Paris Fashion Week in the future. When his designs hit the runway, the audience was wowed. With designs that seem to take inspiration from shattered glass, and shoes that could kill, Renaux proved he had no reason to be nervous.

All of this happened before the audience even came through the doors.

When spectators did finally start to trickle in, the show had been delayed slightly. Audience members were decked out in their finest, trying to make a bigger statement than the next.

When the show finally started, the crowd grabbed their cameras and phones to take photos of their favourite collections and designs.

Watching all of the action from the media pit was unbelievable. Words cannot describe the chaos and buzz as photographers were trying to get their best shot.

All in all, Vancouver Fashion week was an experience I will never forget.

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