My day on set with iweartheheadress

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Last month I was fortunate enough to find myself on set of the photo shoot for the spring collection of  iweartheheadress. This, for me, was an amazing opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Sarah Gibson, 22, is the creator and designer of iweartheheadress. This project came by accident, in 2013, when she posted a photo of herself on instagram in one of her designs. This photo brought about a lot of buzz and people asking for their own. Over the course of the year, Gibson decided she had made enough money to brand herself and fully establish her brand. Launching her new business in January 2014, Gibson has already done quite well for herself.

As of this year, her designs will no longer only be found on her site online, but in stores as well. This was another opportunity that came to her accidentally. With one of her customers going into Hunnis Boutique in Langley, B.C., the store was quick to ask where the headpiece was from. Upon finding out, the contacted Gibson, which has resulted in her products in their store. This is not the only store that iweartheheadress will be found this year, Gibson has added her product to at least two other stores, one in Alberta and a children’s store online.

After realizing how much work Gibson has put into her brand, being onset became even more surreal.

When I first arrived onset at a stunning, local home, the energy was buzzing. I greeted Gibson, and her friends, models, and made my way upstairs. The models were still getting ready, so I had time to take in my surroundings.

While the models were getting ready, Gibson was buzzing about her upcoming wedding in Mexico, and her son’s first birthday (who had conveniently had a day with his grandparents). This proved to me just how dedicated Gibson was, and is, in every aspect of her life.

Soon after the models were ready, pizza arrived. This meant a quick bite to eat before they began the photo shoot outside.

With props and models ready, we all headed out in the cold February air. While the models looked very cute in their skirts, lent to Gibson by another local company, Party Skirts, they bundled up in big coats to keep warm while they waited their turn. Then the action really began.

Gibson was quick to tell the models and the photographer her vision. She took photos of her own and occasionally stepped in to fix anything that needed to be done. They shot in many different locations to get the products looking their best and to give a good variety to the very first look-book for iweartheheadress.

In my opinion, the photo shoot couldn’t have gone better. With the collection launching on February 14, 2014, the photos and look book turned out great.

Over the past month, Gibson has done phenomenally.

While she is away for her destination wedding, she will also be shooting her look-book for the summer collection. With a tiny sneak peak of my own, I can’t wait to see what else is to come from this talented, budding designer.

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